Birdcaged: Part 1 THE AWAKENING
Birdcaged: Part 1 THE AWAKENING comedy stories

tksbellybutton Community member
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I woke up with no memories.
In a giant birdcage
And the only way to get out of here is to fight in a Coliseum against giant monsters
So yeah we are basically fuc**d!!!!!

yours truly AD

Birdcaged: Part 1 THE AWAKENING

WRITER'S NOTE: YO Human beings my name is TK and two things first before you read this awesome story of awesomeness...

FIRST THINGS FIRST: my English sucks so excuse me, please :) and secondly I never wrote or read anything before.... so yeah I am a super amateur BUT through recent events in my private life.

It got me motivated to write something... SO ENJOY PEACE OUT oh yeah I would really appreciate if you guys help me out with grammar and stuff :3


On a hot sunny day birds flying towards a giant tree on a hill.

The birds landed on several tree branches and started to chirp.

In the cooling shade of the tree there lies a sleeping young man.

The boy sleeping there in peace would start to hear a distant voice.

"wake up."

Not sure how to respond his body decided to drift back into unconsciousness.

"Wake Up." the voice getting louder, this time the boy responded with a groan and asked

"5 more minutes please" while the boy starting to fall asleep again,

the voice was not happy about that.

"I said WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!" a loud bang startled the birds and they began to flutter with their wings. The birds weren't the only who got startled.

The young man eyes pop open, his upper body lifting up from the ground and his right hand rubbing his cheek.

The boy didn't wake up because that other person yelled at him, it was because that person slapped him across the face.

"Ouch...." he said while looking up at the culprit who interrupted his peaceful nap.

It was a young woman with fiery red hair and a slender body, wearing a tight leather suit with shoulder pads and other protective gear.

"Geez took you long enough." said the crimson haired girl while twirling some strand of hair around her finger.

The boy who got distracted by her appearance tried to focus and ask her

"So who are you and why did you slap my beautiful face?"

The boy started to rub his right cheek again, realizing how his face is still in pain. How hard did she hit me?

"Geez, that actually hurt, not even my mother would smack me that hard..... I think??!"

That's when the boy realized that he can't remember anything, not his mother, family or friends not even his own name.

He started to panic

"Who am I? Who are you and where am I?" The young man started to look around for some clues while looking around he realized..he is naked.

"And why the FUCK AM I NAKED?!?!"

The red-haired girl started to pinch her nose bridge and let out a loud groan.

"Will you shut up already, don't worry no one took your virginity kid."

The boy let out a sigh of relief "whew....hey wait a minute who said I am a virgin!?!"

The crimson-haired girl punched him in the head.

"Gee you are so damn loud...that's why I hate to take care of the newbies." The boy looked at her irritated while rubbing his new added wound. "What do you mean by newbies?"

The girl starts walking down the hill"follow me and I will explain everything to you."

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