Cage of Fear
Cage of Fear haiku stories

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But the bright walls hide

A girl sitting, lost, drowning

In expectations.

Cage of Fear

A beautiful home before a gorgeous woodland, surrounded by peace.

A dog jumps and twirls, Playing fetch with his owner. What a peaceful scene.

But the bright walls hide A girl crying, lost, drowning In expectations.

Outside the walls, she Puts on masks, acts for her peers; She hides her drowning.

Then one day, she fights. She gains the courage to swim. Up, up, she rebels. Against the pressure, The expectations, the cage; She breathes deep, finally.

But she is betrayed. The people she was born to Trust turn against her.

They sneer and lash out, Whisper cutting words: worthless, Failure, disgusting.

Her tears sting like ice, Heart aching with self-hatred. She is wrecked, bleeding.

Still, some hope remains. The girl has fire in her soul, She knows to stay strong.

In a few years' time, The girl will reach the golden End of the tunnel.

A bustling escape With ivy-covered walls and Smoky French cafés.

And so she holds on, Wears her suffocating masks, Puts on her best acts.

She will soon be free. She knows it won't be easy, But she will be free. She'll be free at last, Outside of the cage of fear, Outside of the bars.

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