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tizianasantoloIf you want it then you can change it
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A story between a girl who wanted to try something new and a boy who was looking to settle down


by tizianasantolo

Summer was coming to an end but you wouldn't let me leave

I tried to avoid meeting you because you know that I can be antisocial. You didn't let me leave and started asking about that guy we both know , which was a good thing. It didn't work out

I wanted to see what it was like

I was curious and you knew that. We went for food and once we got back to the bench you changed everything. Nothing major happened but you were the first guy to ever look at me like that

As long as I don't regret it

I didn't do anything I knew I shouldn't, It was experimentational, but you were okay with that. You were gentle and understanding, so thank you

What a way to end the summer

7 days before school started I met you, fell for you, introduced you to my family(your idea) and embarrassed myself from my inexperience. You laughed and said you didn't care which I appreciate

I was doing it for you

I probably ruined things in the end by not being myself. I don't know maybe my head was somewhere else but when you left for school, we stopped talking and I went into some weird frenzy

Casual I love you's

I thought I was acting the way you wanted me to be but It should never have gotten to that point. You somehow had me wrapped around your finger, saying those words that neither of us meant

I've come to realize

It wasn't real. It was exciting and new but I don't think it was genuine on both our parts. So maybe when you get back in a year we'll revisit this and see if what I'm thinking is true.

Always here

I do still care and I'm willing to try again but I'm not heartbroken that you're gone and probably with another girl. We barely know each other and its unfair to both of us to try and wait.

So Goodbye, C

See you in a year

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