A Tribute to Life
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on the longer side but please read:)

A Tribute to Life

by tizianasantolo

Its times like this when she feels overwhelmed, scared, unsure and ultimately out of place that she goes to her happy place.

It isn't until things get really bad that she just lays back and thinks of a beach somewhere in the world,

a spot in the sand waiting for her to dig her toes in, of the hot UV rays tanning her skin, the smell of salt water dripping from her hair, cooling her down.

She thinks of August 2009 when the only thing she would do is go somewhere new and end the day off sitting by the beach.

She thinks of how she used to sit on the little bit of sand before the water where the tides rush in and out. The golden sun beginning to set and the laughter of loving families behind her.

She thinks of that 9 year old's innocence.

Her desire to make everyone happy.

Her carefree mind, and warm loving heart.

To this 9 year old, she was living the dream. It wasn't until that trip that the travel bug weaved it's way to her heart. It was the only thing she wanted to do, it was her escape.

When reality wasn't doing her justice, she would look back to the times that her only worry was what new phenomenon she would explore next.

Was it Piza? Was it the Colosseum?

That was the beauty of it. It was the glorious possibilities that there would always be something she hadn't seen that made her desire to see the world thrive.

It encapsulated her, it took over her heart and soul. The only thing she wanted was to discover new things,

and somehow be able to share her journey in a way that perfectly embodied and captured the true essence of the beauty of the world she had herself witnessed.

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