To Ana, I love You
To Ana, I love You anorexia stories

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I'd do anything for you

To Ana, I love You

They told me your name is Ana,

They said "Beware her dainty face.

Her slender waist is enticing,

But she'll consume you in her embrace."

But Ana they don't know you like I do,

They don't see what I see.

I know you'd never hurt me Ana,

I know we were always meant to be.

They tell me I've changed since I met you,

They say you've caught me in your snare.

But they just don't understand us, Ana.

They aren't a part of our love affair.

So I don't care what they say,

Ana, I promise I'll never let you go.

I like how you make me feel empty,

I like how you make me feel cold.

They tell me I'm nothing but a skeleton now,

That you've eaten me alive.

That you've turned me into a ghost,

That I likely won't survive.

Please lay with me, Ana,

I'm too weak to move,

They tell me I'm starving to death,

But at least I'm dying with you.

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