The Truth Untold By Tipsie (@poeticworld's prompt) Part one Also a Jungkook fic but-

            The Truth Untold

By Tipsie

(@poeticworld's prompt)

Part one

Also a Jungkook fic but- horror stories

tipsie Life's too short to wear boring clothes
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@poeticworld's prompt but with a demented twist! Just part one so far :)

The Truth Untold By Tipsie (@poeticworld's prompt) Part one Also a Jungkook fic but-

With a horrid sound, the box fell out of the girl's hands.

Pictures spilled out of the broken lid, floating through the air until they landed on the cold floor.

She yelped, rushing to pick them all up, but there were hundreds.

There was no way she could pick them up in time.

You see, today was the girl's photography presentation, which meant standing in front of the whole class, holding in her ocean of anxiety.

Sometimes all she wanted was a new life. A life where she wasn't as broken and scarred.

She was ripped at every edge, but she was a masterpiece.

She thought that being in a new body would change everything. It'd be an easy, simple life where she could have a new family, friends, and feelings.

She wouldn't need to deal with the taunting of bullies, the cold stares in the hallways.

She wouldn't have to deal with unrequited love, either.

Sighing, she picked up her favorite photo. It wasn't a detailed one, it was just a single student.

But inside the student's easy expression, was everything she wanted.

His perfect life, his popularity, his deep brown eyes.

She wanted it all.

She felt herself fill with envy, and in a fit, she ripped up the picture. It was all she couldn't have.

What was the point of impossible desire?

As the pieces hit the ground, she started feeling strange. Her stomach felt queasy and her heart was at a million beats per minute. It felt like she was falling, yet flying at the same time.

Then in a split second, she was someone else.

She was no longer in a small, messy house, but a white-fenced lawn that led to a sparkling Mercedes-Benz.

Shocked, she looked right and left, taking in her surroundings. What had happened? Where was she? How did she get here?

Her thoughts were cut off by a vibration in her left coat pocket. She pulled out the phone. On the screen was an incoming call from 'Mom aka don't answer'.

She snorted. What a nice name.

With no further thoughts, she picked up the call.

"H-hello?" she said cautiously. The voice replied, "Why aren't you here? I thought I told Milo to drive you. Hurry up, you'll be late."

"Yes ma'am--uh, mom," the girl stammered. She heard the line click at the other side and stuffed the phone back into her pocket.

Where was she going? School, she supposed. But that didn't start for hours.

Just then, a taller boy walked out of the house attached to the lawn, holding a pair of keys and a cellphone. He raised his gaze, meeting her eyes.

"Get it the car, Jungkook."

(To be Continued)

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