Lust & Longing (A poem by Tipsie X.T.)
Lust & Longing 

(A poem by Tipsie X.T.) mistakes stories
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tipsie Life's too short to wear boring clothes
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I shouldn't make these mistakes I shouldn't take this chance

Lust & Longing (A poem by Tipsie X.T.)

I shouldn't make these mistakes, I shouldn't take this chance

But deep down we're all fake Fake hate and fake romance

My love grew cold with passing days and your's was n o n e x i s t e n t

But desire dragged me all this way, so I just kept insisting

Love will heal, they said Love will make it b e t t e r

It only hurts when love is d e a d But you'll hang on to it forever

I shouldn't touch your skin That has broken my own thoughts

By tearing our hearts from within And putting up roadblocks

Reality is different from this This messed-up, evil thing

I'm foolish for believing it Though my heart no longer rings

I'm high on all these feelings Although they are all f a k e s

It's not my heart you're stealing It's an addiction with high stakes

You tear me apart, inside out And only stop when I b e g

But I don't cry, I don't shout Cause you're always a step ahead

It's forbidden and delicious, A guilty, late-night pleasure

Three words, they're all sixes A devilish Angel's feather

The demons, they aren't hard to see Under pretty words And silky sheets

The beauty isn't ethereal But since it's evil It's way too s w e e t

Inspired by the song Boy Meets Evil by BTS Go watch it hoe Ily

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