(Dropping Bodies) Just for Fun
(Dropping Bodies) Just for Fun summer-horror stories

tipsie Everything is Bullshit {MEW-he/they}
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A horror poem for those who like it scary ;)

(Dropping Bodies) Just for Fun

The sound of gunshots fill your ears

Terrible, wonderful, bloody t e a r s

Your favorite sound, your favorite sight

Blood streaming down, face contorted in f r i g h t

The second the bullet goes through their head

You smirk and know that they must be dead

You drag them down to the river's shore

Soon enough summer will be no more

The late-night sunset shines upon

The person who's life is finally gone

And as they sink into the abyss

You wonder why you're loving this

You're satisfied once the deeds are done

Dropping bodies just for fun

Seek another soul to steal

Consuming fear for every meal

You let it out, the cooped up anger

Your friends don't know, you're into danger

It gives you thrills and adrenaline rushes

Gets your blood flowing until your face blushes

It's sick, but the sight of blood gets you excited

Your mind goes crazy, the killer's ignited

That faint dark smell, that irony taste

The deep, dark color that makes your heart race

Until the day you lose your will

You'll feed your inner need to kill

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