Dead Roses
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tipsie Everything is Bullshit {MEW-he/they}
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For the daily prompt and from the heart, no matter how broken it is.

Dead Roses

A faint rotten scent, dry petals and t h o r n s

I'm b r o k e n, and yet, nobody will mourn

The petals fall and I'm EXPOSED to the world

My deepest s e c r e t s, everyone will behold

Too bad I'm just one lonely flower

Hiding away in the back where I c o w e r

I beg on my knees for the sun to come out

And save me from this eternal d o u b t

Is it worth it to l i v e when all I am

Is a rotten rose, a nuisance to man?

Should I throw myself away and be gone f o r e v e r?

Or keep on d y i n g, fermenting slower than ever

Simply a dead rose who's filled itself with SIN

Wishing to lose, rather than win

I've tried fixing my pride, but I know that shit's b r o k e n

Looking at myself, I just see a disappointment

I w o n d e r why I'm nothing like the others

With bright red petals, the sun as their mother

Me, myself, I hail from the moon

Hoping heaven and STARS can save me soon

Alone is all I have, Alone protects me

Don't ask me about my severe a n x i e t y

I'm just a single rose, worrying over life

Because the sad truth is, I never got mine


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