Your eyes.
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tinyweirdgirl18 year old wanderer
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They're my new favorite color.

Your eyes.

by tinyweirdgirl

I used to not think much about brown eyes. In fact I used to not like them at all. They just didn't seem that special to me.

Brown eyes never stuck out to me...until the day I saw yours.

They were warm and inviting. The soothed the storm that had been raging on inside me. Looking into your beautiful brown eyes gave me peace. They gave me hope.

I'll never forget how they looked when the sun hit them. A beautiful golden brown I had never seen before.

Those brown eyes of yours worked their way into my heart. I fell in love with you and your brown eyes.

I guess that saying is true.. " you never think much about brown eyes...until they belong to the one you love"

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