Trapped in the idea of us.
Trapped in the idea of us.  stories

tinyweirdgirl18 year old wanderer
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Trapped in the idea of us.

by tinyweirdgirl

I am forever trapped in the idea of us. Constantly wondering what could've been. I know we would've been great together. Lovers with a future that shines brighter than the stars.

But our timing was all wrong. We were both in the darkest parts of our lives, with no way out, no way of letting anyone in.

Come to find out we were both going through the worst heartbreak imaginable. Yet we found comfort in each other. We soon discovered that we would've been perfect for each other.

One perfect soul, split into two. Us finally finding each other, and rejoining that soul...little did I know that I was waiting for something that will never happen.

Your warm brown eyes pierced into my heart when you told me that you still thought about her all the time. But you told me that you would always be there, right down the road from me.

How cruel is that? The world placed the love of my life right down the road from me, leaving me thinking about him all the time, but him never once thinking about me.

Now I can't go to that end of the street at all, for I know if I see you I will break. I can't have my window open, if I do I can hear you outside laughing with your friends.

I avoided you as best as I could, until last night...when you came into the bar. Looking into those eyes once more, hearing that voice, feeling your touch upon my bare skin.

All the feelings, and heartbreak washed over me again. I let them sink in, full force this time. I know I'm not her, and I never will be. You said yourself that you and I are perfect together.

Even though I know you're still not over her, and I'm not over you. But I'm here waiting, for something that may never happen. Conflicted between letting go, or holding on for dear life.

I know you're scared, I am too. But won't you please, oh please, just take that leap of faith? I won't let you fall. I will be here to catch you. But until then, I'll just be trapped in the idea

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