Tranquility.  sunrise stories

tinyweirdgirl18 year old wanderer
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by tinyweirdgirl

It's 5:45am. The sun is just starting to rise.

You put the car in park, you set your blanket down in the still damp grass. You settle your old,tired bones onto the ground.

The sun in peaking over the mountains, smiling at you. The wind is whispering it's sweet nothings into your ear.

Birds are starting to chirp, for now you're the only person at this lookout. But you know soon others will show up to enjoy it's beauty.

For now, you are completely alone. Coffee in one hand, cigarette in another. As the warm sun starts to kiss its way upon your skin.

You feel a wave of tranquility rush over you, because in this moment. You are you, in the truest and rawest form. Not a care in the world, just you, and Mother Earth by your side.

Guiding you on this journey through life.

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