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by tinyweirdgirl

The whispers in the wind are like music to your ears. The sunlight, a warm gentle kiss upon your fragile, cold skin. The grass feels like clouds on your achy sore feet.

You have finally broken free from the chains that held you back for far too long. There is no greater feeling than newly found freedom. You're released from your cage. Your prison, your hell.

You need not worry anymore darling. You're free of his grasp. Let the bruises and open wounds he left heal. You are finally free, you are safe. The storm has past.

Dry thine eyes, he can no longer hurt you. He can no longer control, manipulate and mutilate your body. It is no longer his for the taking. You have control of your own body again.

Let the sun, moon, and great spirit guide you now my child. Whisper your fears, and past tragedies up to the sky, let the wind take them far away from you.

Let the sun shine on that old brittle heart that had been broken so many times, and kept locked far away from any light.

Everything will be alright now, my sweet child. He can no longer hurt you. You are free. You are safe.

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