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tinyolive22 Going through the motions.
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I honestly don't know..

What would I say

What would I say to my future self

What would I remind them about today

How can I tell them what to feel

If I'm not even close to that day.

I suppose that it won't ever get worse than this

To not forget how you felt when you didn't take the risk

I'd laugh with them about all the good and bad

Have a heart - to - heart when things got sad

I'd tell them to do whatever makes them happy

But I'd try my best not to get too sappy

Because I hate pity

And I'm sure my future self will too.

It's hard to write to you in the future

You don't know where you'll end up

For the better?

The worse?

We are always left to wonder

Just how it all breaks up.

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