Dirty Snow
Dirty Snow school stories

tinyolive22 Going through the motions.
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Trying to fit in

Dirty Snow

A new school

A new place

New people

New face.

New rules

New expectations

New rules

New me.

But what if old would suit the new

What if I didn't actually have to change for you

I'll admit I tried to hide

To give off a different vibe

But I always end up in the same place

An unknown face

Another disgrace.

A new place is hard

No matter what they say

Especially when everyone's changed, but you've stayed the same way.

Not all of them are new

Some of them I knew

But then why is it so awkward to talk

Weird eye contact while we walk

"Why are you here"

Is all they want to know

When I answer, I go back to being as unpleasant as dirty snow.

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