Something to be proud of. (Pride Month Short Story!)
Something to be proud of. (Pride Month Short Story!) gay pride stories

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For the pride month challenge! I finally finished it after three days of it being a draft, haha. Anyway, here it is! Remember, you are beautiful and unique, don't let anybody tell you otherwise!♡

Something to be proud of. (Pride Month Short Story!)

Her soft blue eyes gazed upon the title, "I'm proud." It read. Rosa looked puzzled, "What is it proud of?" Questions flooded her mind as she turned over to the being beside her. There, her mother sat. Her pink lips curved into a soft smile. "You'll find out."

Turning the page, her mother read the first few words aloud, "I'm Homosexual and I'm proud." the words wrote. Rosa furrowed her eyebrows, "What? I don't get it. How can they be proud of that?.." Her mother held her hand, "Sometimes, we can't help the way we are. But the girl in the book.. she's proud of that. And some things are just to be proud of."

Rosa seemed puzzled. "Wha?" Her mother giggled, "You'll get it someday."

Years passed, and Rosa had still remember the words that her mother had told her.

A yelp was heard from far away. Rosa turned around, strands of her red hair whacked her in the face. "Stop!" The voice called out, with a hint of pain. There, three boys in red, wearing a cap, those classic mean boys stood, smirking proudly. "Gay! Gay! Gay!" They chainted. Rosa spotted a girl with black hair, she was one of those typical nerd girls, with glasses and a dark grey sweater.

Rosa's eyes widened, unstoppable rage ran through her veins. She clenched her fists, stomping towards the bullies. Suddenly, her hands seemed to land on cold, pale skin. Rosa backed up, unaware of what had just occurred. Gasps filled the hallway as Rosa looked at one of the boys who suddenly had a red mark on their face.The boy glared at her.

"What.." she whispered, hearing the boy curse under his breath. Apparently, a witness had snitched on the incident because a staff member had stomped into the hallway, and next thing Rosa knew, she was being dragged by the ear. "I am very angry at you!.." the staff member stated, Rosa knew that a whole three hours of scolding had started.

Rosa sighed, "Mrs. D sure does know how to make me extremely bored." She mumbled to herself and looked over her shoulder to see the staff member nicked Mrs. D put a hand on her waist. Rosa clicked her tongue and started walking. She didn't know where she was heading to, but at the moment, Rosa didn't want to go anywhere near that angry staff member.

Rosa stepped foot onto a brown carpet flooring. Everywhere her eyes laid, there were books. "Ah, the good old Library." There, she laid eyes on the girl with black hair from earlier. "Oh!" She yelped and stood up, twiddling her fingers. "Hi Rosa." Rosa waved awkwardly, her eye twitching. Suddenly, Rosa was pulled into a sweet embrace.

Rosa wrapped her arms around the girl, her back was cold but her warm, hazel eyes made up for it. She could feel the girl's silky black hair as her hands touched it carefully. Ba-dump! Ba-dump! Thump! Rosa could feel a gigantic change in her heart's beating pattern. "Thank you for standing up for me.." She smiled softly, "Even if it did get you in trouble.." The girl chuckled.

The sweet embrace broke as the girl waved goodbye and headed out the door, her silky black hair swung as she jogged out. "Wait!" Rosa called out, she knew something was missing. "What.. what's your name?" The girl turned around, her mouth slightly opened. "It's Ali." Ali smiled and went out of sight of dear Rosa's ocean-blue eyes.

Rosa placed a hand on her chest, taking a deep breath. "I.. never noticed how beautiful she is.." She paused briefly before speaking to herself again, "That makes me want to beat up those boys even more." Rosa slightly chuckled. That night, Rosa went on her old, dusty laptop. Despite It's ancient appearance, it surprisingly worked fast.

"I think.. I'm.. Lesbian.." She mumbled to herself after typing certain words on the search bar in question of what her sexual orientation was. "I mean!.. Ali is really sweet.. and beautiful.. and amazing.." Rosa played with her red hair. "I.. I think I like her!.. I think I'm Lesbian.."

Rosa closed her laptop and held her head up high, proudly.

She was proud.

She was proud because it was something to be proud of.

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