Disappearance of the baby
Disappearance of the baby

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A baby disappears everyday at sunset and reappears at sunrise. What is the mystery behind the disappearance?

Disappearance of the baby

A single mom takes care of her 4 months old baby. Her husband died in an accident 2 months after their baby was born.

The mom has no parents and her husband's parents never liked her and so she had to take care of the baby all alone.

Mom left her baby at a daycare at 10 am and picked at 3 pm as she went for work. One day evening as she put her baby in the cradle, she was washing vessels in the kitchen.

Suddenly she felt a weird sensation and she vomited. She drank water and rested on the chair for a few seconds.

As it was already late, she went to feed her baby only to find out that the baby has vanished. She was shocked. She cried so loud that the neighbors came by.

Everyone searched for baby everywhere but nobody found the baby. The mom informed the police and the police started to take action.

But they too were confused as about how a baby goes disappearing without even a trace. The doors where locked from inside. No sign of entry or exit.

And moreover only the mom was with the baby all the time. The mom comes home and falls asleep. It's morning and suddenly the mom hears a cry of a baby.

She runs to the cradle to see the baby in it. She was surprised and she hugged the baby and shed happy tears. She informed this to the police and neighbors.

Even though they couldn't understand how the baby came back, they were happy the baby came back. That day evening, the mom was feeding the baby.

As it became dark, suddenly the baby disappeared infront of the mom. Mom was shocked. She again called the neighbors and the police and informed about the incident.

That day they again searched for the baby but nothing could be found. The next day morning the baby reappears again. Mom was shocked about what is happening.

That day evening she looks at the baby without taking her eyes away and suddenly the baby disappears. She immediately felt some weird sensation in her stomach.

She was about to vomit again but she drank some water. This time she didn't call the police or her neighbors. She slept and she woke up to find her baby back.

Then she realized that the baby disappears in the evening when it becomes dark and reappears in the morning when it becomes bright. This happens for many days and doesn't stop.

Eventually when the baby disappears she get a weird feeling in her stomach too. She tells this to her close friend. Her close friend suggest her to meet the Magical Detective.

The mom tells everything to MD. MD comes to her home and wait for the baby to disappear.

The baby disappears and MD says he wishes to stay all night alone in her house and so the mom leaves to her friend's house.

The next day she comes back and MD tells her everything about what is going on. The husband died due to an accident at night time.

As it was an unexpected death the husband's soul doesn't want to leave this world and his love, the baby's mom.

After the baby disappears the mom has had weird sensations in her stomach because she was pregnant all the time when the baby had disappeared. After the baby reappears her stomach became normal.

And moreover the baby which is forming inside her stomach, when her real baby has disappeared, is her husband as his soul wanted for a reincarnation to live with his wife forever.

The mom will be pregnant all night and in the morning her pregnancy would disappear.

MD also said that, once her husband is born, he remains her child all day and night and her real baby would disappear forever. She was shocked to hear this and cried so hard.

MD said that if she wants her real baby to be alive, then she has to abort the child which is forming in her during night.

After doing so the real baby never disappears and the baby stays with her forever, leaving her husband's soul to be released leaving the earth.

She cries a lot and can't decide between her baby and her husband. She already lost her husband once and she doesn't want to lose him again.

Also her baby is her's and her husband's love and so she can't lose her baby too. She then takes decision.

She says to her that her husband had already died and he is no more, but the real baby is the gift he had left for her.

And moreover if she chose for her husband, she can't live with the guilt of killing her real baby for her husband.

As she had already went through the pain of losing her husband, she decides to make her mind that he is no more. Thus she finally aborts her husband at night.

Immediately after her abortion her real baby reappeared. Her husband's soul is finally released from the world and is free.

Though she had regrets for her husband, the love which she had for the gift of her husband, her baby, was more powerful for her. She then lived happily with her baby.

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