The girl with a mask
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Here's to the people who pretend to be strong because it's all we can be. Here's to the people who also want to someone to be there. You're not alone.

The girl with a mask

She was always flashing smiles.

She was always shining bright.

She was always so kind and passionate.

She was always laughing hard.

When she breathes,

It was as if it was all pure blithe

But don't you hear?

That faint cry amidst those breaths,

But don't you see?

Those bright eyes are white lies,

But don't you feel?

She's just trying to be as fine as she could be,

But don't you see?

She's wearing a mask,

And you fail to see the reality underneath,

The pain that she's all so strongly covering,

Truth be uncovered -

The strong and bubbly girl she was,

Was nothing but a weak and broken girl -

That was out of reach -

Who just wants to be reach.

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