Memory Lane
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tinkerbell A world of my thoughts and feelings
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Do you ever find yourself drowning into the memories of the past? Along reminiscing, you find temporary happiness? Remembering at least at that moment, you were happy and everything was perfect? That is the magic of the memory lane.

Memory Lane

Looking back.

It was something easy to do -

For revisiting and reforgetting was a natural cycle for me.

Basking into the shadows of the past,

Fading into the echoing laughters and cries,

Embracing the warmth of the people who I loved dearly,

Remembering what once was,

Remembering what I had,

Remembering that brief moment of happiness,

Was worth the long moment of sadness that strikes after

The memory lane was just there,

Being the constant thing in this changing world.

I don't know why but,

I would take the memory lane

Anytime, any day.

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