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Happy Independence Day. Salute to the fearless Filipino heroes who fought for the freedom we have today.

Independence Day

See the flag waving proud

Of soldiers who once stood on this ground

See the stars and sun engraved

Of heroes who fought and earned our land

See the white in the light

Of a brand new hope they've given

See the mud and red blood

Of the sacrifices made and lives offered

See the blue out of the all the hues

Of a freedom we won't lose

In this modern age,

We continue to honor the battle they've started,

Our Filipino hearts shall be the strongest weapon we hold,

Along with a voice for ourselves and a voice for others.

Let us continue to rise from ashes -

Resiliency at its finest.

Let us continue to unite amidst differences -

for there is strength in unity.

This is our independence day.

Let us keep our freedom going -

Our fight is not yet over.

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