5 tips for managing stress and time at a startup
Five tips for managing stress and time at a startup stories

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5 tips for managing stress and time at a startup

by Tim Hwang

1. Always keep the big picture in mind

FiscalNote’s mission of unlocking open data and making it useful for customers around the world is incredibly exciting and demanding at the same time.

It gives us a sense of purpose

2. Stop and reflect.

Take 15 minutes every single day. Shut off your phone, close your laptop, and quietly think about your goals, relationships, etc.

3. Focus on high leverage activities

We burn ourselves out doing tasks that don't contribute the most to the mission. The objectives with the greatest impact will get the most meaningful items of your to-do.

4. If you need a break, take it

We started offering $500 for people who took five consecutive days off for vacation. Sometimes we need to take a break so we can come back refreshed

5. Keep a positive attitude

If you’re confident and positive in yourself and challenge yourself to do more, you will be able to channel the stress into valuable opportunities.

FiscalNote is a challenging environment

Not everyone can handle the pressure and responsibility of being one of the first employees at a fast-growing startup. We do it because we are all driven to succeed.

Be careful to understand our limits

focus on the things that matter, and self-regulate our need to integrate our work into our lives. Building a company is not a sprint, it’s a marathon .

To reach that finish line

we must get there together — with our spirits and our sanity in good condition

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