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A look into the mind of a hacker who equates data with sugar. I obviously do not endorse the activities described in this story.

Information is My Sugar

You want to know why I pore over the dark recesses of your browsing history?

You want to know why I dangle that fabricated summons from the government in front of you?

You want to know the little tingle I get when I lie to you about that data breach?

First, I’ll tell you why I don’t do these things.

It’s not for love of the game.

That’s just bullshit the white and black hats tell you to make them feel better about themselves.

It’s not because I dislike you. You aren’t that important.

It’s not even that your data are that valuable.

No, it’s the control. I control you.

Your life, your identity, your sense of place, it is a drug to me.

You know what they say about sugar? Yes, I’m talking about that sugar, the legal cocaine they pump into food to hook little kids.

That’s information.

Every time I glance at your SSN, every time I record your keystrokes, every time I post your prescription drug records on the black market,

I get the same rush that little Charlie gets from Fruit Loops.

Another thing about sugar. It corrupts you. Subtly, of course. It doesn’t give you a hangover. It doesn’t give you a massive head trip.

You just one day wake up with a distended belly and a nonfunctional pancreas, becoming a slave without any warning.

So too do data corrupt the networks.

The social media companies, the government, your employers?

They are hooked on your data, they bloat themselves on it.

Your purchases, your registries, your sex, race, creed, and religion? Food for their descriptives, correlations, extrapolation, and predictives.

It is their hit, the dragon they chase.

And why? Because they want the same thing I want. Control.

The overlords will find always desire ever more ways to nudge, manipulate, and coerce you. They will choke themselves on your data, just as you choke yourself on junk food.

Terrible, isn’t it? It’s just the way of the world. We can’t go back, not unless you want to live in the prehistoric age.

No, this is our age’s struggle for survival. Your information is my club. If you want to beat those who believe themselves your masters, you will use the same weapons they use.

The people who say that they’re above this, say that we need to respect privacy, say that trust in society is paramount, they’re just chumps. They’re the ones who’ll be stomped into the dust.

If they don’t take their fair share, then I will.

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