Lovelost By TJ Brooks
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Conscience personified, the author speaks in private about someone he's deeply connected to.

By: T.J. Brooks

Lovelost By TJ Brooks

by T.J. Brooks

Oh ill fates!

Oh heart of hearts,

My love is lost unto me.

Like the slipping sands

Of an hourglass,

She has fallen from me.


Heart of hearts...

My love it knows your depths,

Like a river from me it flows,

It swells & runneth over,

Spilling out upon the land,

Leaving behind a desolate quagmire.


Oh heart of hearts,

Pray thee I might wake from this torment.

It is as though I am lost myself,

Like a ship in a perilous storm,

Across a vast sea without a beacon.


My love guides me heart of hearts,

And I, her.

Ushering her unto my breast,

In hopes to redeem this wretched soul.


Dear heart of hearts...

How I long for her embrace,

Arms outstretched forever more,

Yearning for her touch,

And yet sorrowful at its remoteness.


My heart of hearts,

We share this flame,

Its embers burn & its fires rage.

May it blaze as then, so now,

And mark my path to solace,

For now I fear its extinguishment.


My smoldering heart,

It turns to ash and

Pieces of me are

Strewn to the wind.

May they find you there.

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