...If I didn’t have to worry about money...
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...If I didn’t have to worry about money...

what would my life look like?

very different from my current reality!

At the beginning of the year

I was disillusioned with life and work...

I had spent 10 years building a business

that I always dreamed would someday make me rich and free me from the trap of selling time for money.

But I woke up one day

and realised all I had built was a "job", that I was starting to despise.

I quit.

Starting from scratch was scary

but liberating! I started freelancing and working on a couple contract jobs.

Freelancing gave me flexibility...

but it didn’t give me FREEDOM!

I made a decision to be "FREE by 40"

That means paying all monthly expenses and debts with passive income and having a buffer to spare.

But it's not about the money...


is having the time to prioritise my spiritual, physical and mental health


is serving God, not Money


is doing what I’m called to, and not what I’m told to!

I have 5 years. Seems unlikely.

But an impossible goal, and a “life of quiet desperation”, has a way of opening your eyes to opportunities you would have never noticed before

The journey begins with a single step...

... If you would like to follow my progress, please sign up on my blog: http://timosolo.me

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