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"I should kill you where you stand!" the old man spat. His face had turned bright red, and the veins on his neck were so spent, they could burst at any moment. "To think that you... my own son would betray me like this!"

From Prince To Traitor

Full story: Scrolls Of The Untold And Banished.

So I'm sharing another tiny bit of my story of Kosey. This part is towards the ending, where Kosey and Kissa/Oshanna tried to escape the palace. They were captured and Kosey is now on trial. I hope you all like it♥️

"I should kill you where you stand!" the old man spat. His face had turned bright red, and the veins on his neck were so spent, they could burst at any moment.

"To think that you... my own son would betray me like this!"

His voice was ringing in my ears, echoing in my pounding head. I should have been looking at his face, but my eyes were locked on his neck.

Wondering when the veins would pop and save us from his anger. It was an odd fascination to have in a situation like this.

"You ungrateful bastard! Haven't I given you everything, your title, a splendid education, a roof over your head?

There were never any limitations to your desires," my father hammered his fist into the armrest of his throne.

Beads of sweat had formed on his bald head, the heat and anger were getting to him.

I couldn't say anything, I couldn't defend my actions... I was no longer able to protect her from my father's wrath.

Tarik's earlier beating had left me broken and bruised, a mere shadow of myself.

The only thing keeping me on my knees, keeping me from toppling over, were the two Medjay holding me up.

My father rose to his feet and walked to stand in front of my kneeling form, "Ungrateful!"

I tried to look away, but my father's Medjay forced me to look up at him.'

They forced me to meet his hollow eyes, filled with anger, greed...

The fact that I shared the same blood as this man, was ludicrous.

"I've tried being your father. I did the best I could during your years growing up. But I see it now, you're too much like your mother.

You're wild, carefree... spoiled. You and your mother, you're nothing but black spots, staining the royal honor."

The moment he mentioned my mother, a surge of rage and disgust filled rushed through my body.

"Don't you talk about my mother with that filthy mouth!" I yelled. He had no right to talk about her like that.

He was the one who stole away her freedom, the one who caged her and watched as her life withered away.

My father's eyes flashed red, and a second later his hand made contact with the side of my face. His slap reopened the wound on my lip, sending burning pain across my skin.

The sound echoed throughout the throne room, making the crowd of familiar faces wince.

"Pharaoh, what should be done with the crown prince? Considering his treacherous actions towards your highness," Tarik asked and bowed his head.

"Crown prince! What crown prince?" my father bellowed and stared at me with indifference in his eyes. "This land no longer has a crown prince, just as I no longer have a son!"

Gasps and whispers erupted within the room, and I could just about make out Paki's face from the crowd. My brother was paler than the full moon's light.

I glared back at the man whom I had once called father, and asked "Then what do you plan to do with a man who is not your son... Pharaoh?"

"You young man, have committed treason. You've been found guilty of kidnapping a favored bride of your pharaoh," my father said as he walked back to sit on this throne.

"Tarik!" my father called with a cold expression on his face. He had suppressed his anger and put on the mask of a king, a stone-cold ruler.

"Yes pharaoh," Tarik kneeled in front of my father, but not before sending a knowing grin my way.

"Take this traitor away and dispose of him. I don't care how you do it, just get it done," my father said," No one outside of this room can know of it."

The words my father spoke hurt like a thousand knives. I had adored this man, hungered for his attention and approval all of my life... yet, he showed no remorse after ordering me killed.

He never cared for me, not even a little.

"We'll tell the people that assassins broke into the palace. The crown prince fought bravely, yet he was injured during the attack. Once morning arrives, he'll have succumbed to his wounds."

"Yes pharaoh," Tarik bowed his head once more before getting up and nodding for the Medjay to take me away.

"NO!... please reconsider pharaoh," Paki's pleading voice echoed in the silence.

Tarik's face had turned white in shock, and I couldn't have looked much different.

Was Paki trying to get himself killed too?

I raised my head and met his gaze, silently begging him to stop. He shouldn't get himself involved.

"Cousin, what makes you believe you can speak to me like that in this situation?" my father asked, his voice was calm, but his eyes glowed with a deadly aura.

"Forgive me pharaoh. But you need to reconsider," Paki begged once again.

"And why should I reconsider?" My father lazily leaned back into the pillows of his throne.

Paki forced his way through the unwilling spectators and kneeled in front of my father.

"Pharaoh, the prince... he's young and foolish, we all know that. He foolishly fell in love with princess Kissa, he acted on feelings of which he shouldn't."

Paki paused for a moment and looked over his shoulder, sending me an apologetic look.

I wanted to roll my eyes, but worry had taken control of my entire body. I knew I couldn't stop him, and I feared my father's reaction.

The old man was unpredictable, there was no saying how he would retaliate now that Paki had openly declared that the Pharaoh's verdict was wrong.

"A young man in love has no control over his actions, " Paki continued, "Prince Kosey did a very stupid thing, but isn't keeping him away from the princess punishment enough? Please spare him."

Hey guy's So that was a tiny bit of Kosey's trial. I hope you all enjoyed it. Love Tille♥️

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