Broken bonds
Broken bonds ancient egypt stories

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Their swords clashed, again and again, sending sparks flying all around them. "Where is it cousin!" Tarik sneered, forcing his sword against Paki's. They were both drenched in sweat, and covered in dirt and dust from the hours of fighting each other.

Broken bonds

Full story name: Scrolls Of The Untold And Banished.

Their swords clashed, again and again, sending sparks flying all around them.

"Where is it cousin!" Tarik sneered, forcing his sword against Paki's. They were both drenched in sweat, and covered in dirt and dust from their hours of fighting each other.

As children, they had both served as apprentices under the same master. They had trained together, learned together, and grown together.

They matched each other in speed, skill, and strength. This battle could only be won through endurance and concentration.

"It's somewhere you'll never find it, Tarik," Paki let out a strained laugh. He was tired, but he could allow himself to give up.

"Paki... you can't protect him forever. This is high treason towards your king!" Tarik hissed, and pushed himself away from Paki, panting with exhaustion.

Paki's eyes flared and he launched for Tarik, catching him off guard. Tarik pulled away as fast as he could.

However, Paki's sword still managed to nick his shoulder, before embedding itself into a stone column.

"I'd rather be a traitor to a dishonorable king than be a traitor to my brother!" Paki yelled as rage grew within him. It grew to the point, where it almost consumed his being.

"Brother? ... We were brothers too, before him... way before him?" fury and betrayal oozed from every pore of Tarik's body.

It was too pungent, and Paki could smell it in the humid air.

It was true that Tarik had been a brother to him, they were cousins and had grown up together.

But now Tarik was no more than a lapdog, barking for his master, their oldest cousin... the Pharaoh.

Tarik was clinging to the idea, that he could become the Pharaoh's heir, now that the prince was gone.

"You were my brother Tarik, and that is why it pains me to fight you like this," Paki said. But his heartbroken words were soon drowned in the clashing sound of their swords.

Metal against metal, metal against stone, and the hisses of pain as metal cut through flesh.

"I must protect him. He would have given his life in exchange for mine, and I will do the same if I have to!" Blood spurted from Paki's lips, as he shouted over the now increasing wind.

A sandstorm was approaching, and they would both die if they didn't find shelter soon.

The thought of dying caused no fear in Paki's heart. Because he knew, that his brother would be waiting by the gates to the afterlife.

"Tell me where the tomb is, or I swear on my immortal soul, that I will send you to the afterlife! Brother or not." Tarik knew the storm was coming, Paki could see the worry in his eyes.

"I can't. You'll be better of by killing me now, cause I would never betray him."

Remembering his childhood, Paki always saw a young boy whose hair was as black as midnight.

He might have trained with Tarik for years, but the bond he shared with the black-haired boy, was stronger than that of real brothers.

They had sworn to protect each other, and Paki intended to keep his word... even if that meant dying.

Tarik turned against the winds and cursed, his long dark hair slowly loosening itself from its leather strap.

"Paki!" he roared and pounced, throwing everything he had into that attack. He was moving his sword in formations all too familiar to Paki, showering him in painful memories.

This would be it for them, they were no longer family.

Paki defended himself from every blow, he only had to keep Tarik occupied until the storm ascended upon them.

Once the sandstorm arrived, the location of the tomb would be safe, buried beneath the desert.

The man before him could never know, that he was in fact, standing on top of the secret tunnels, leading to the burial chamber.

Tarik had already destroyed all evidence of the rightful heir to the throne.

This place contained the last memories that Paki had of the black-haired boy.

A man who lived and breathed for his country... and for a woman so fair, that the Pharaoh sold the peace of his country, and the life of his son, for her hand.

Hey guys♥️ So I'm trying something a little new for me. This story is quite personal for me... and it's a project which I hold very dear to my heart. It's the first time I'm sharing it with anyone.

I won't share the full story will you. I will however, share a few bits and pieces. It's a story set in ancient Egypt, where the Pharaoh is offered a young bride from Babylon. His only son, the crown prince, also falls in love with the princess.

This is their story, of how they met and what later happens to them. the snips I share, will hopefully give an idea of the full story. Hope you all enjoy it. Love Tille♥️

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