The Back to School Party - College Edition
The Back to School Party - College Edition teendrama stories

tigress Journey from adolescence to adulthood
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This drama is about a freshman who attends her first frat party with her roommates.

The Back to School Party - College Edition

All four of us gathered on the patio, holding our Four Lokos. Christina and I were both nervous but tried our best to blend in.

Jess turned to us and said, "Ladies, I think we should split up, so we don't intimidate the guys.

" When I looked around and saw several guys staring at us while they licked their lips like dogs that just finished a meal.

Christina and I walked over towards the dance floor, hoping someone would ask us to dance.

We were almost halfway through our second Four Lokos when we heard, "Jello shots for the ladies!

" I looked to my right and saw a short frat guy with long brown hair and what looked like hazel eyes (his eyes were too glassy to really tell), in his hands he had a tray of jello shots.

I blinked, and all the shots were gone.

As we danced, a tall Hispanic male with black spikey hair, slapped Christina on the ass and pulled her towards him.

With my eyebrows cinched in the middle, I said, "Excuse me, you're rude as fuck. Let go of my girlfriend.

" He gave me a side smile and rolled his eyes, "Oh, so are you two are into threesomes, or are you the lame type of lesbians who only dates women?

" Christina pushed him off of her, stood next to me and said, "Don't touch me. Leave us alone. Oh, and for the record, we aren't lesbians, we just aren't into you.

So, boy, bye!" I looked around and saw other guys looking at us, maybe seeing the two of us together was intimidating them.

Christina and I both weren't comfortable leaving each other's side, and so many things were going on at once; drugs, alcohol, sex, you name it. It was a lot to take in all at once.

I saw Lisa talking to a tall, dark, and handsome older man. She waved for us to come over to her.

We walked over, and she introduced us to Dmitry, and he told us that he had liquor in the fridge that we could all share.

My intuition said that it wasn't a good idea because the liquor could be spiked like my mom said.

I had a near-empty Four Loko can in my hand and told Dmitry, "Thanks, but I am still trying to finish my drink. Maybe later." Christina followed suit, "Yeah, me too.

I still have some alcohol left that I want to finish before I get another drink." I guess we both had a bad feeling about the guy.

He shrugged his shoulders, "Well you are missing out! Lisa and I are going to the kitchen to drink and party it up.

" I looked at Lisa and said with a concerned face, "Do you want us to come with you?" She shook her head, "Nah, I'm good.

I'll see you two later; oh, and keep your phone on you so we can find each other when the party ends.

" I turned the volume up on my phone, even though I wouldn't be able to hear it over the loudspeakers blasting.

It was around 1:30 AM when Christina and I finished our second Four Loko.

We were looking for a trash can, there wasn't one outside, so I told her let's go to the kitchen and throw away our cans so we could check up on Lisa.

Christina grabbed my hand, and we entered through the sliding glass door; the body heat hit our faces like we were opening a hot oven door.

The crowd danced on each other, making it difficult to walk across the dancefloor. My heels were sticking to the floor as I kicked red cups and pushed through the crowd.

We finally made it to the kitchen and I saw Dmitry holding Lisa up, she looked wasted, and she was on our ride home. Fuck.

Suddenly, the music shut off, and someone yelled, "The po po is outside! Everyone be quiet and go outside to the patio!

" Everyone rushed to the sliding glass door and filled up the backyard leaving a small number of people inside.

Once everyone was outside, I noticed that there wasn't any furniture, and the cabinets were empty. Was this an abandoned or foreclosed home? Who's house is this?

I told Dmitry that he could leave and that Christina and I would take care of her.

I asked Lisa where Jess was, and with a slurred voice, she said, "Jess said she was going to ride home with her roommates." Great, now we are stuck with a drunk driver.

While I shook my head, I told Lisa, "Give me your keys. I am driving us home." We all drank that night, but I knew I was soberer than Lisa, and I was confident I could get us home.

I just needed some carbs to soak up the alcohol. We helped Lisa out the front door, and the cold air hit my body, and suddenly I felt sticky from the sweat.

Christina grabbed one arm, and I grabbed Lisa's other arm. What should have been a two-minute walk turned into a fifteen-minute walk trying to keep up with her stumbling.

At this point, I was pissed. We finally made it to her car, we put her in the back seat, and I asked Christina to sit upfront with me as a second pair of eyes.

I grabbed the small package of Ritz crackers from earlier out of the glove compartment. As I ate them, I prayed I didn't get pulled over by the police because I was still buzzed.

I found a pack of gum in the center counsel; I grabbed two pieces and started chewing. I rolled all the windows down, took off my heels, and put the key into the ignition.

Christina started the GPS, here goes nothing.

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