The Auction - Part II
The Auction - Part II highschool stories

tigress Journey from adolescence to adulthood
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This is part two of a short story drama from the perspective of a high school girl who is unknowingly involved in an auction. She is caught in the moment when everyone knows but you.

The Auction - Part II

It's Friday, I have track practice after school, so I can't run home and hide today. I have to face David and his posse along with "everyone". Ugh, I hate high school.

I'm at track practice and I am trying to keep to myself but it feels like everyone is staring at me and whispering.

When I walk up to the long jump pit, Coach Joe says to me, "I'm sorry about what happened with you and David, I know you've been together for some time but maybe it's for the best.

" I give him a head nod while I fight back tears. I tell myself, keep your head up. I run as fast as I can on the runway and jump into the pit. That is the worst jump I've had, EVER.

Today is definitely an off day and I think Coach Joe understands. Finally, the day is over and I can go home. I just have to walk past the locker rooms and go up the stairs to get to my carpool.

I can do this. I am walking by the boys' locker room and I see Frank. Frank and David play on the football team together. He looks concerned when he sees me and a tad bit frustrated.

I wave and say, "What's up, Frank! How are you?

" He continues to walk towards me in his red and black football uniform with his head down in disappointment, "I have something to tell you and I am angered that I even have to say this.

I would be pissed if my girlfriend had to go through this..." he rambles.

My stomach drops to my toes, with a concerned face I say "Frank, go through what exactly?

" He sighs, "It's David, he has the nerve to try and auction you off in the boys in the locker room as we speak! I had to walk out.

" Suddenly, I have an overpowering urge to run and hide, this is disgusting. This can't be happening to me.

With a disgusted face, Frank continues, "I want to kick his ass and I would've if it were my girlfriend. I am sorry dude, it's fucked up. I wish I could stop it, this shouldn't be happening.

He is an asshole." I am trying to maintain my composure and give a half smile, "Thanks Frank, I appreciate your support. You're right, it is fucked up.

I'll catch you later, I've got to get to my ride." This feels like a walk of shame walking past the locker room and going up the stairs to the car.

Why me? What about me warrants this? Now I have to believe it's true, two people have told me this auction was happening and they aren't friends or in the same grade.

I highly doubt Lisa and Frank have crossed paths.

I am going to have to tell my parents that this is going on but I don't want my parents to show up to the school and embarrass me by yelling at David in front of my peers.

Maybe my cousin, who plays football for Columbus High can talk some sense into David and end it all.

While I am waiting for my carpool, I call my cousin, Richard and tell him everything that happened and beg for his help. He tells me, "You've got this, just ignore him.

He is full of shit, he is nobody." This is not the answer I want or need to hear. The lack of support from him is mind numbing. Right now, all boys suck. They are failing me left and right.

I walk into my house and see my mother cooking and my dad watching tv. It's not the right time to tell them what happened to me today. Afterall, I am still processing it.

I can barely eat dinner because my stomach is twisting like a mop being squeezed out.

My mom senses something was wrong and keeps asking me if I am ok; she calls it a mother's intuition, mom's are always right.

When my dad goes into the restroom, I ask her, "Can I speak to you in private, please promise me you won't react to what I am going to tell you unless you get my permission to act.

" Her, "Umm, I can't promise you I won't react but I will let you know what plan of action I will take if action is needed. What's going on chica?" I take a deep breath and sigh...

"David has a running bet on me, he is trying to auction off my virginity to the highest bidder." My mom blinks profusely, in awe.

She responds with disgust, "his punkass is out of control! That is ridiculous! I am going up to the school tomorrow to talk to the principal about this.

" Already feeling defeated, I sigh, "I've already told the principal and he said he would investigate it but David is an honor roll student and athlete so he believes it is a misunderstanding.

" My mom is livid and I don't blame her. Tomorrow, Saturday, is my track meet. I will have to face David and his friends again.

I have no idea what my mom is going to do but I forgot to tell her not to tell my dad. It's Saturday morning, I wake up and my dad asks to talk to me. I am nervous and start wringing my hands.

My dad says with a disappointed face, "Your mom told me about David's fuckery. I am sorry you are going through this bullshit.

I have never heard of such a thing and I don't know what would make that boy do that. You are the apple at the top of the tree, never forget that.

I am going to call your cousin at Columbus High and see if he can punk David and end the childish chatter going on" Looking at the ground, I respond, "Dad,

I already called him and he told me to handle it myself. He gave me zero support." My dad is furious, "What do you mean, he said you can handle it.

What the fuck does that even mean? I am calling him and I will take care of this today at your track meet when I see punkass David.

Don't worry baby girl, I'll be discrete but he is going to get a piece of my mind." I sigh.

Feeling uneasy I get up from the chair and respond, "Thanks dad, I need to get ready for the track meet." David, I am trying so hard not to hate you. So hard.

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