Rendell - College Edition
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This drama is a part of the College Life Series; it describes a freshman's experience crushing on a guy that she met at work.

Rendell - College Edition

I was working a graveyard shift as a teller at a gas station convenience store when I met Him. He came up to the window and asked, "Can I have $40 on pump 11, please.

Plus, a Gatorade and a Kit Kat." I love Kit Kats. He was at least 6' tall, with a football player build, dark wavy hair, caramel skin, and a bright white smile.

He started flirting with me, "Thank you for your help, beautiful. I'll be coming to this gas station more often, to talk to you and see your beautiful smile.

" My face got warm, "What is your name?" He showed me his pearly whites again, "I'm Rendell, I play football at Eastern College.

Are you from around here?" I told him that I was from Rancho Cucamonga, and I had just moved to L.A. We talked through the intercom until the next customer came up in line.

I handed him his receipt and a pen through the slot underneath the window, "Can I have your signature on the bottom line for your purchase?

" He signed the receipt, flipped it over and wrote down his name, number and a smiley face. With a deep voice, he said, "I'll be waiting to hear back from you, little lady.

" I smiled and took the receipt. He is a stranger, should I trust this? He seemed so sweet, though.

I wrote down the number on a sticky note and used a pen to scribble out his personal information on the receipt so that I could place it in the register.

About a week passed since I last saw Rendell. It was around 10 PM, the beginning of my shift when I recognized Rendell's electric blue Hummer pulling up at pump #9.

I started getting butterflies because I hadn't called him yet. He hopped out of his truck and went to the passenger seat to talk to his friend. I looked away before I could make eye contact.

I didn't want him to think I was staring at him. I pretended to look busy when I heard the buzzer go off; it was Rendell at the window with an inviting smile. I tried to flirt, "Hey, stranger.

I haven't seen you in a while." He chuckled, "If you'd called me, you could see me whenever you want to.

Are you too busy for me?" My face became warm again, and I smiled, "Can't you see I'm working hard here." He shook his head, "Can I borrow a pen, please. I'll give it right back."

I grabbed a blue pen and slid it under the glass. Rendell walked away from the window and headed to his car and got in the driver's seat.

Again, I didn't want him to think I was staring, so I started restocking the shelves near the register with packs of cigarettes and lighters.

I heard the buzzer go off again, and it's a new customer. "Hey miss, can I get a pack of Marlboro Lights and a pack of Newports? I'll also take the red lighter and a pack of matches, please.

" I went to the back to get his items, and when I went back to the window, I saw Rendell in line behind the customer.

I started getting nervous and dropped the cigarettes, and the customer looked at me with a frown, so I pulled a new pack off the shelf and scanned it. "Your total is $19.59, sir.

" He handed me a $20 bill, and I slid his change and receipt under the window. He fanned his wrist, "Nah, keep the change.

" He walked away, and Rendell took a few steps forward to the window with an envelope in his hand. He slid me the purple envelope with the blue pen I gave him.

When I went to grab the card, his fingertips touched mine.

Rendell said, "I have to run. I need to go to sleep early tonight. I have a scrimmage game early in the morning. I know we have opposite schedules, but you have to have an off day.

Let's hang out on one of your off days, one day soon. I hope to hear from you tomorrow, beautiful.

" He jogged off to his truck and hopped in the driver's seat, and his friend looked at me through the passenger window, and I waved goodbye.

I waited until they pulled off and were out of sight before I opened up the card. I slid my finger under the lip of the envelope when I heard the buzzer go off again. Damn, it will have to wait.

"Hi, Miss. I need $20 on pump #1, a pack of American Spirits, a Clamato and a 40 oz., please."

Finally, I opened the envelope, and it was a thank you card; it read, "Thank you for your time. Thank you for being kind.

Thank you for sharing your smile and most of all, thank you for being you." He put his phone number and Instagram underneath his signature. It's safe to say I got his attention.

I finished out the remainder of my shift; it was 6:30 AM when I headed to my car. When I got inside my car, I read the card again.

I unlocked my phone and started writing a text to him, "Thank you for being you. Good luck at your game today :)" Delete. Delete.

I just got off work; it's only been a few hours, maybe I should wait until later to text him.

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