Move-In Day - College Edition
Move-In Day - College Edition  short story stories

tigress Journey from adolescence to adulthood
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This teen drama depicts a teen's experience with her first day at college, move-in day.

Move-In Day - College Edition

Today was "move-in day" at the University dorms. I selected an apartment-style room instead of the standard dormitory that looked like a tiny jail cell.

The apartment-style dorms had two bedrooms with two beds per room. I got lucky, I was able to select my roommate; she was a girl that I went to high school with and met my senior year.

Her name was Christina; she was a blonde hair, green-eyed, White young woman with a little sass to her. We both went to Rancho Cucamonga High; she dated my friend and that's how we met.

My parents helped me finish moving in the remainder of my stuff while I organized my desk with the new, electric blue supplies that my mom bought me.

When my mother came back into my room, she started making my bed with the new twin-sized, zebra print bedding that we purchased at Wally World a month ago.

I hadn't slept on a twin-sized mattress since I was little, so this would be interesting.

I heard the front door open, and my dad's voice; he said, "Hey, welcome! We just finished moving my daughter in.

I'm Robert, what's your name?" The man responded, "I am Bill, and this is Christina's mom, Linda." A few seconds later, Christina walked in and gave my mom and me a big hug.

She and I were both giddy with excitement, but we both had a sense of nervousness in our voices.

College was a big step, a new life chapter. Luckily, we had each other to lean on through this.

I looked over and saw my mom was fiddling and moving things around the room with no rhyme or reason; it was clear she wasn't ready to leave.

Everything was unpacked; it was time to cut the umbilical cord. My dad walked in, "Renae, that's everything out of the car.

Are you ready to leave and let Christina's family get her set up in there?" I looked over at my mom, and I saw tears in her eyes; "Mom, let's go grab lunch, and you can drop me off afterward.

Christina should have everything set up by then.

" Her face lit up, "Let's do it! Where do you want to go?" I pulled out my cell phone and went on yelp to see the closest restaurants to the University campus.

"How about Maria's Cantina? You know L.A. has amazing Mexican food." She chuckled, "Ok, Missy. Let's find your dad."

It's around 6 pm, we finished dinner, and now it's time for my parents to drop me back off at my new home. We pulled up to Building 9 and got out of the car to say our goodbyes.

My mom started crying and gave me a huge, long hug. It was clear she didn't want to let me go, but it was time for this butterfly to spread her wings.

My dad jogged over from the driver's side and said, "Save some hugs for me!" We all laughed. I gave my dad a big hug, he kissed me on my forehead and said, "I'm proud of you Babygirl.

" My jaw gets tight as I try to hold back my tears; the truth was, I didn't want them to leave either. I waved goodbye and watched them drive off with my mom still in tears.

I was officially an adult and on my own. I turned around to the front door, swiped my green key card, and walked into the building.

I saw a hand-painted sign on the vending machine that read, "Welcome Fresh meat!" Not sure what they meant by that.

I went up the elevator to the third floor, walked to dorm room 311, and swiped my green key card to open the door.

When I walked in, I saw my third roommate. She was a tall, linky young Black woman with dark brown hair that was pressed straight as an arrow. I smiled, waved hello and introduced myself.

She gave me a bright smile and said, "My name is Lisa. I'm a sophomore. I am assuming you are a freshman, right?" I stuttered, "Uh yyy-yeah, I am. I just moved here from Rancho Cucamonga.

So, what do you like to do for fun out here? Are you from L.A.?" She replied, "Yes, I am from San Fernando Valley, another part of L.A.

, but I enjoy going to parties, and I'm in a few clubs on campus, so I attend a lot of their events. You're welcome to come if you'd like." Christina walks into the living room with her parents.

Her parents say goodbye to all of us, and the door closes behind them. Now, it's officially real.

Lisa introduced herself to Christina and told both of us that there is a back to school party at a frat house in a few hours. I respond, "That's dope, I'm down.

Where is it at?" Christina nodded in agreement. Lisa texts both of us the details and volunteers to drive us there.

The text message had a picture of a girl in a pink bikini and read, "BYOB! Guys are $10 each. Ladies get in free! Theta Omega Pi for life! 125 University Blvd.

" I asked Lisa, "What's BYOB?" She smiled, "It means we need to go to the liquor store and get our drinks.

What do you ladies like to drink?" All I could think of is cognac because that's what my mom drinks.

Christina beat me to the punch, "I like vodka; let's get some vodka!" Lisa said, "Ok, as long as it's not too expensive, I don't get paid until next week...

unless you want to cover the extra cost for top-shelf liquor? What about Four Lokos instead? They are energy drinks with alcohol, it keeps you up but gets you fucked up too, and they are cheap.

" I shrugged my shoulders, "I've never had them, but I'll try it.

" It's my first day at college, and I was already going to a frat party, awesome! Next, I had to find something cute to wear, hmm.

What's a girl to wear? Christina and I spent an hour trying on clothes, trying to find something cute enough for our first frat party.

I looked at her, "I have no idea what to expect, let's promise each other that we will look out for each other." She nodded, and pinky swore.

Neither one of us were prepared for what would happen that night.

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