Broken Picture Frame - College Edition
Broken Picture Frame - College Edition drama stories

tigress Journey from adolescence to adulthood
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This college drama is a continuation of the College Life Series short story, "A Familiar Face".

Broken Picture Frame - College Edition

I watched a reality tv show for an hour before going into our room to see what Christina had trashed.

I figured she and I both needed to calm down because the situation had escalated so quickly,

and I didn't understand Christina's reasoning for being upset that I had brought Brigette over; someone I had no idea that she knew.

I opened the door and saw Christina turned over in her bed, facing the wall. I looked at her desk and saw broken picture frames, one of which I hadn't seen before.

There was a small picture frame with her and twin ladies; one of the twins was Bridgette. I had no idea Bridgette was a twin.

Phew! My side of the room survived her tantrum; I noticed my TV was sitting on the edge of the dresser. Had my comment stopped her from trashing it?

The next morning, I ran into Christina in the kitchen and said, "Hey, what's up?" She had an attitude, "I'm fine. Don't bring that bitch to our place ever again." Perfect.

I didn't have to dance around the subject, we could face it head-on; "Christina, are you going to explain to me what happened yesterday?" She kept her back facing in my direction.

With a snarky voice, she said, "I shouldn't have to explain myself. I don't want her in our dorm room ever again. Are you my friend or hers?" My left eyebrow raised while I clenched my teeth.

I was offended; "So, you're telling me that I need to choose between having you as a friend or being friends with Bridgette? You can't make me choose.

It's one thing for you not to feel comfortable, but I do deserve an explanation for your behavior last night." She still wouldn't look in my direction.

I threw my hands up in the air, "Christina, what the fuck?! We will never move past this if we don't address it. Let me know when you are ready to talk.

" I walked out of the kitchen back into our bedroom.

An hour or so passed when Christina came into our room. She sat down on her bed and looked at me while I was studying at my desk.

Furious with her attitude from yesterday and today, I ignored her. She sighed loudly, "Bridgette and I used to be best friends freshman through junior year.

Bridgette, her twin Sophia, and I were a triple threat in high school. We did everything together up until senior year when it all fell apart.

I found out that Bridgette and Sophia were using me for my car and money.

My mother brought to my attention that I was always paying for everything because they would have excuses like, 'I forgot my wallet' or 'We still haven't found a job' etc.

Since we were friends for years, I didn't mind because it was usually my idea to go out. But in the summer after our junior year, I became their taxi driver.

They only wanted to hang out if I picked them up and ran an errand or two with them. It stopped being fun, and our friendship suddenly became about money and chauffeuring.

The last time I heard from her was when we were registering for the dorms, and she asked me if she could stay with me in our dorm since she was on the waitlist.

There wasn't a hi, how are you or anything.

" I was still upset with her and struggled to care about what she had to say at that moment, but deep down I wanted this issue to be resolved; afterall, we do have to live together.

Christina pulled out her phone and showed me a text from Bridgette that read, "I am going to University too, and I am on the waitlist for the dorms.

Can I crash on your couch until a dorm opens up?" Christina never responded to the text message.

I didn't know what to think except that their situation didn't involve me and my friendship with Bridgette.

I sighed, "So what does this have to do with how you reacted?" She put her head in her hands, "Promise me that if I tell you this you won't tell anyone. Promise me you will keep it a secret.

" I nodded my head, "Sure, I'll keep it a secret. What is it?" She sighed, "My doctor prescribed me Prozac a few months ago and told me that I have bipolar disorder.

I stopped taking the medication because it makes me feel weird; I don't feel like myself." I suffered from anxiety so mental health issues and trauma were something I was familiar with.

"Christina, you should listen to your doctor. Your behavior yesterday was uncalled for and out of control.

I will not have you yelling at me, breaking things or dictating my life because you refuse to take the medication your doctor prescribed to you.

That's not fair to me or any of our roommates here. Last night, you showed me that you are a loose cannon." Christina started crying uncontrollably.

I patted her on her back to try and calm her down; I looked her in the face with a stern look and said "Ok, Christina, I won't have Bridgette over so we can avoid the drama.

But this shit better not happen again; I deserve a conversation before a blowout. This is your one pass." Christina nodded her head in agreement, "You're right. I'm sorry for how I acted.

" Christina and I agreed to move forward, and I started getting ready for work.

Just because Christina and Bridgette didn't get along, didn't mean that Bridgette and I couldn't have a friendship outside of the dorms.

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