BLACKED OUT (Black Poison&&The Feral Soldier)
BLACKED OUT (Black Poison&&The Feral Soldier) blacked out stories

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*Wohoo, Nancy Dark darling. Guess who's back?*

I battled against the little bastard. I totally forgot the voice could take over my body. The pain got worse and I let out a painful scream.

*Nu-uh Nancy. You forgot rule number one. You fight, I fight back.*

So I focused on the voice and listened carefully.

*Let's play a game Nancy.*

I got down to my knees and bend over. I clenched my fists tight together untill dark blood stained my fingernails. My skin got pale and the veins turned into a dark shade, my body burned like fire.

*Let's play the game called; Catch The Feral Soldier*


BLACKED OUT (Black Poison&&The Feral Soldier)

Black Poison and The Feral Soldier

"Tell me; what does your feral instinct tell you?"

What if a hero and a villain fall in love without them knowing who they truly are with their untold secrets?

She can't remember. She has Black Outs. All she knows is, she's Nancy Dark.

He's the detective. He's a hero. He's Danny Loomer and his secret is The Feral Soldier.

Nancy has a dark side but yet she doesn't know who she really is. Black Poison is the biggest villain, yet to come, of The Feral Soldier.

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