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tiff_rose313 fuck the labels, let's go bisexuals!!
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Regretting I published this...


Regrets.. I have a few.

But, if I tell them to you. You would see me a different way...

And I love the way you see me, now. Only if you knew my past. Then you would believe me with I say "I'm not a nice person"

The problems I created. Just because I loved taking Risks...

And the photographer I used to be. And the happy go Luckily girl I was...

Every rain drop, that filled up the leaves in my front yard. Made me smile 😊 But, the annoying part is the rain drops, always wash alway my actual tears...

Every single mirror I look into I see a whole different person... then, to what you see :)

But, the past is a Blur... and I Want My future to be Perfect.. But, only if you are in my Future?

Would you still love me.. if I told you My fears and my biggest regret?

But, a regret is just a regret. Right? So, of course you would understand....

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