Sunday, 27 October 2019 part 1
Sunday, 27 October 2019 part 1 story stories

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Me, at home, 2nd floor, at my favorite corner - the oldest table which is my learning tool, eating space and also the ideal destination to take naps for over 18 years, the window is in front of me, beside it is a green cute lamp with some branches of big trees and bird songs around to pen these super cool things to you.

Sunday, 27 October 2019 part 1

Me, at home, 2nd floor, at my favorite corner - the oldest table which is my learning tool, eating space and also the ideal destination to take naps for over 18 years,

the window is in front of me, beside it is a green cute lamp with some branches of big trees and bird songs around to pen these super cool things to you.

Actually, I am a Vietnamese person, that means English is not my mother language. Because of that, there may be some mistakes in my stories.

I don't want it happens at all, cuz I know it can make your mood down while enjoying some part of the whole story of my wonderful life.

However, I won't get rid of sharing my things to you - my soul mate just because of that imperfection. I acknowledge my imperfection; I accept it but don't limit my ability.

I know it, I understand it and I improve it by making mistake and learning from that. I will never lose my own path, I'm on my way to hit my peak.

And always keep this beautiful melody in my mind: Love all of you... all your perfect imperfections.

So, that would be great if I can receive you feedback, comments to develop my English as well as my writing skill.

I appreciate all of your opinions, please let me know how I can do better to become a better friend of you.

Anyway, coming back to the main point today haha. Its about my day at home with my 2 little sis and brother. Are you excited? I know you're dying to know, don't ya?

My little bro used to want to be an alien, or you can call UFO. That's his answer when I asked him about his dream job. I was failing down of the chair right after his words, ya know.

I shocked and couldn't believe in what I had heard. But I knew that every single word I heard was correct because of his proud but weird face. He seemed to be extremely serious.

It was not a joke. OMG, what should I do now? I asked myself and at the same time felt not responding signals alarm all my neurons in my brain fart.

I supposed to instruct him to find his thing, and now, look what he found thanks to his super cool sis's suggestion. I couldn't give up on that way, I had to fix my mistake.

It would have bad affections to his future if he keeps that thought, right?

Maybe after seeing some si-fi movies which has a lot of bad attitude alien characters but strong power, he might think it was cool to be an alien and behaved like that.

He could harm others to prove his power. No, no, no. I couldn't let it happens to him, no way!!!

Calm down calm down, take it easy, relax and think clearly. Stop imagination, OK? It can't help you find out the solutions but can make you crazy, stop it.

Hey, after 5 mins calm down and focused on the solutions, I came up with some ideas. That was not bad, it even sounds great in some ways.

Alien might not be a weird profession like I thought earlier, maybe I was just over reacting.

An alien can be a good man, right? An alien with an opened mind and strong desire to discover new and big and even scary things outside.

He or she has a brave heart and doesn't hesitate let his/her foot out of the comfort zone. And in some movies, alien still has good behaviors. Alien and human are the same.

That means my little bro's dream was not too awkward, it was just such a new thing to me and surprised me.

Re-think about what I want to be when I was his age, those jobs I imagined were even more awkward. Oh, that's an evidence of real siblings.

So, I could be confident that I am a baby of my parents, we have the same blood, and my parents can't joke on me that they found me in a garbage dump and adopted me.

Sometimes I thought that maybe I was a princess but because of saving me, my real parents who are king and queen have to hide me by sending me to the strange place far away from my castle.

Or I maybe an alien, after a long time looking some planets in the milky way from my planet, I had an affection for the Earth and decided to visit it.

Unfortunately, while having a good time discovering new things here, I lost my flying object to come back home. I stuck and became a human then can find the way to come back.

Or it could be a result of complexing of time dimension as in Doraemon and a ton of comic stories said,

I disappeared from my space and immediately was in another time and space I didn't know before...But whatever the reason is, my parents always make fun of me -.

- I cant help it anymore, and its like a miracle, now I know the effective way to deal with my parents, ha!

Oh I changed the subject again, didn't I? lol

You need to bring me back when I go too far from our path, you know? Otherwise, we can be lost and stuck in a ton of random things I share with you about my life :v

OK. We are pausing at the good points of being an alien. Yes.

Then, what I need right after was how could I say to him to persuade him keep his dream but get rid of some potential bad things in his dream also.

Choosing the right words was never an easy job, especially the right words for the kid to understand correctly 100% and don't get your words in the wrong way.

It took me like a decade to find out those proper plus gorgeous words and phrases to talk to him. He felt a bit tired and sleepy to wait for my process of thinking and resolving the information.

I realized this and decided to start at a not relating but good point I think - waiting for his sis is the good lesson of patience and good listening which are good characters to build

a good person. Then, the main point was expressed by an eager and emotional voice and satisfied face and smooth body language in around 10 mins, I guess.

That could be one of the best speeches in the world ever if it was recorded.

But it seemed like the only one audience didn't get all the valuable meanings the inspired speaker wanted to deliver through her words. It was such a shame -.

- Anyway, he didn't interrupt me when I did my job and almost finish the duty of a good listener except for understanding the whole stories.

I couldn't blame him about that, he was 8 years old and still very naive and cute, those things I said to him might be too practical and need time for him to experience them And, to be honest,

sometimes I don't even understand what I said haha. Moreover, I often prefer beautiful words and most of them are big words to express my ideas.

Fortunately, I did spend a while earlier as I shared with you above to choose the simple right words.

Therefore, I can go to the conclusion that because my speech is packed of lessons that is impossible to understand deeply in 10 mins. I didn't anticipate it.

That means I need to separate all the values I want him to receive into the smaller ones and share with him gradually. Got it!


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