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A travel journal and reflection on life.


by Ticana Zhu

Where to find you?

Hiding on a beach?

away in the Bahamas?

We did always love to hunt for treasures.

Perhaps you like cold with the hot?

and we can bathe in Iceland...

... a place to chase a rainbow to the end.

The earth catches fallen light, as can we,

and falling water too...

Lake Kerid's a wonderful pool for reflection... in a dead volcano...

But if you'd prefer a live one,

I'd follow you to the top of Mount Vesuvius.

There I might remember, it's not always distance. Perhaps time too.

Did I once chase you, to the end of Pompeii? Searching the streets for your ghost?

Only to recall lives later you were lost in the Flavian Amphitheater?

No, no, it's not the end. I'll never give up.

For what can one exist for? But to chase...

... through ancient Egypt...

... the Sun King's Hall of Mirrors...

... the ancient Orient...

...eternal gardens...

I'd follow outside of civilization.

Far into the forests 'til I'm lost.

I'd find the darkest caves,

traverse the deepest seas.

For what is a soul?

If we're forever lost...

to ourself?

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