Understanding Love
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tiaqzn Community member
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Can't define love.

Understanding Love

I am so confused on how does love works

Even if I thought of it hard

I still go back in the old definitions and words

But nothing really sunk in my mind

How do we fall for someone?

It's as complicated as finding the right rhyme

It must feel right, good, perfect

Perfect to be in a poem to make meanings

But then, not everything rhymes

Not all is meant to sound nice

But yet they can put meaning to it

And make the imperfect perfect

Opposite attracts, Like poles repel

That's the science law

But then, same feather flocks together

That's what philosophers said

You see?

Understanding love is more complicated than science and math

It couldn't be solved by any formula just like that

There's no wise mind, no genius, no protege

We became fools because of it

Weak and vulnerable because of it

Stupid and crazy because of it

All of this for something we can't even define

Love is love

Love is happy

Love is pain

Love is you

But we all contradict these when the rollercoaster started

When things go up, down, upside down

Trying to shake you and see how far you can last

How long will you be able to hold

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