+18 Rough Waves -Prologue-
+18 Rough Waves -Prologue- bts stories

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I was in deep sleep; laying peacefully on my king-sized bed. I was wearing matching violet lace bra and thong; I never imagined myself wearing those, but I felt comfortable in them for some reason. I opened my eyes slowly, I was indeed in my room.

+18 Rough Waves -Prologue-

I was in deep sleep; laying peacefully on my king-sized bed. I was wearing matching violet lace bra and thong; I never imagined myself wearing those, but I felt comfortable in them for some reason. I opened my eyes slowly, I was indeed in my room.

It was dark with dim lights came from the balcony with a refreshing breeze of air carried the magical smell of the Aegean Sea. The curtains were dancing slowly with the wind. The whole room was chilly yet something warm and comfy was laying next to me, I rolled to my right side and I saw him.

I can't believe he was next to me. He looked so peaceful and calm; my beautiful baby looking angelic as usual. My eyes scanned his face and my left arm reached his silky black hair and moved it to see his full face. I moved my eyes and hand in rhythm; his neck and crazy strong abs gave me life.

I don't know how he is like that; sometimes looks and sounds like an angel and other times he became a beast; a strong hot beast that I can't resist. My hand was right over his v line; my heart skipped a beat and a strong lust came over me. I wanted him now, I moved my hands down and under his shorts; I touched his dick slowly and gently.

I moved closer to his warm body and kissed his neck, I felt his hand moving a little and then touch my thigh. I stopped and looked at his face, He started to wake up. "Baby..." he said with sleepy hoarse voice.

I want him more now, I reached his lips and kissed it passionately, he didn't open his eyes, but I knew he woke up; he was kissing me back strongly. I stopped suddenly and looked at him, he opened his eyes and looked directly at mine. My hand was still holding his dick and I started to move it up and down slowly.

He looked at me so passionately I couldn't resist his beautiful eyes, he moved to his left side and grabbed my head and kissed me hard; made my whole body tingled. The stronger the kiss, the faster my hand moved; his dick became hard and I felt his veins were hard and popping.

He stopped the kiss and laid on his back again breathing hard, he licked his lips and looked at me. "Baby...S..." I stopped him by reaching his earlobe. I kissed it gently and the tip of my tongue was in it, I whispered in his ears then gave him a quick kiss.

He was burning hot, I moved my body a little and my head was above his dick, I hold it with both of my hands and kissed the tip, the moment my lips touched his dick I felt his left hand squeezing my ass under the thong while his right hand was grabbing my hair softly.

I started sucking it and with every move I made he was moaning softly. I know he wanted more, I stopped and looked at him, he was looking completely in lust, but it wasn't the reaction that I wanted.

I smirked and looked deeply into his eyes. He let go of my hair and moved his to see me clearly. In a matter of seconds, I took it all in; deep throat. I felt his whole body shivered and his moans got higher and deeper. I stopped with a popping sound; I didn't want him to cum yet.

"I want to eat you hard..." he said with low rough voice and short breaths. I looked at him; he was dead serious. He grabbed my legs and opened them fast and I found myself sitting on his face. He started to lick me, and I felt his tongue going inside of me hard.

"This tongue is killing me..." I whispered to myself. I wanted to get up but couldn't; he was holding my body hard and eating me even harder. One hand holding my waist and the other one squeezing my boobs.

I tried to get up again. "Don't move...I want to drink your honey," he said breathless. "What the fuck..." I couldn't help but moan hard, that need to stop. I got up with all my strength. He licked his hot red lips as I moved and sat on him.

My face above his, I laid a kiss on his neck, grabbed his dick, sat on it and start rubbing it against my pussy. He was moaning hard, He was going crazy. "I want to fuck you hard..." his voice was sexy and rough. I couldn't agree more. I left myself up and put his dick inside of me. He grabbed my waist and pushed me toward him.

He wrapped his arms around me, my boobs were on his chest, my lips on his lips. He was fucking me slowly and kissing me gently. My hands were on his hair holding it tightly, I stopped kissing him and looked into his eyes.

My hands moved to his neck, He knew exactly what I wanted. He grabbed me hard and moved fast; I was on my back and he was above me, so close and warm. He started to move faster and deeper, both of our bodies were burning hot.

His breath was hot and loud. He kept kissing me deep and hard and I moaned load. He called my name and moaned in sync with me. We were both moaning and screaming each others name filled with pleasure and pure love. He screamed my name one more time and we both cum together. I didn't move, and he was still inside of me.

I grabbed his face with my hands, he kissed my lips and lick my tongue. My muscles were clutching hard on his dick. He moved his face and laughed. I was clearly hurting him, but he didn't want to move. "I'll fuck you again if you keep doing that," he said and laughed.

"Doing what?" I said playfully and laughed. My muscles clutched even harder on his dick. "Uh...Baby." his voice was raspy with little laughter in it. I couldn't help but laugh louder and louder.

"Tia...Tia," a voice suddenly called my name, but it wasn't his. I looked at him and frowned. "Did you called me?!" I said and frowned even more.

"Tia...Wake up! TIA!" I opened my eyes. I was in my bedroom and alone. The room was so bright, and the sun hit my eyes made me cringe. "Tia," the voice called me again. It took me a moment to realize whose voice it was.

It was Lara. "I'm up..." I said trying to understand what happened. "Breakfast is ready, get your ass up," Lara said, and I heard her footsteps moving away. I moved a little in the bed but felt something in my underwear.

I moved the coverlet away. "OH MY GOD," I said shockingly; I was completely wet. "What a dream!" I said to myself and got up then went to the bathroom to take a shower.

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