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thus_child Just call me Yandere.
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Dear thanks, to my one and only true love. If I may sit there waiting for your love, then I will. To prove my worthiness to you is my only goal.

Your the only one that I live for.

your the only one that I'll fight for

your the only one that I care for truly

even if you stand there loving someone else

you will always be the one I love

your the only one that makes me truly smile

you are the one that I love

you are the one I truly want

even if you'll never love me back

oh no even if you'll never love me back

I'll always be here for you, and only you

I'll be here waiting for you to run into my arms

for you to hold me close, like none other than you

I'll be the one that waits, here just for you

like none else will be there to guide you

I'll take your hand

and show you my way

the things that keep me sane and happy

you say that you want to commit suicide

I just can't let that happen

I say I want to be the one to you kill myself

you look at me scared and confused, like I did something wrong

your the only one I live for

and the only one I kill for

and you'll never know that I will always be right here

for you my love

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