Nem, Dana
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thus_child Just call me Yandere.
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Nem, Dana

she is 17, and attends U.A.

she is 5'6, she has very messy shoulder length dark grey hair.

she always wears a black sweater, when at school.

her hero suit is a skin tight black body suit. and a chain that sits on her waist, is kindove hand to the side. on the left

she is in love WITH SHOTO AZOWA. i dunno why yet.

she is a verry tired person does fall asleep in class, {when she's not staring at SHOTO AZOWA}

she has barley any friends, but she is not that social at all

her quirk is telekinesis {she mainly uses it to trow Bakugo}

her room is very dim lit, it has one pallet on the floor. and a few books scattered all over the place

I thinks that's all

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