CHAPTER FOUR: my family HOSPITALIZED!?! hospital stories

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Me and my mother arrived at the city's hospital. We walk through two automatic sliding doors, a sign above the doors read in m-bold and red ‘EMERGENCY ROOM’. I continue to walk close to my mother, she pulls a light blue doctors mask out of a small box of them. My mother offers one to me.

“Son here take this, I don’t want you getting sick from all the sick people here. Your sister and father being sick is enough as is.” I smile at my mother and I do not take the mask, ratherly I push away the offer. My mother scoffs at me doing this. I pull a black cloth mask out of my leather jacket pocket. I put the mask on my face making my mother smile and laugh at the mask, a large white grin is painted onto my mask making it look like im smiling even when I don’t want to.

My mother walks up to a counter, with windows that cut us off from the three ladies sitting behind them. The lady with green eyes and blonde hair looks up from her computer and smiles at us. “And you must be? Are you here to see someone?” so starts to type on her computer as my mother responds with a very calm voice. “I’ve come to see my sick daughter. My name is Mariea Williams. And this is my son James Williams.”

the lady's typing continues, she looks up at us one more time before buying her hand out of the small hole at the bottom of the window. “Ms. Williams can I please see your ID?” my mother pulls out her ID and places it in the ladies hand, her hand retracts back into her cell. A small machine makes a noise, a ripping sound follows. And the lady puts her hand back out holding my mother's ID, and two stickers with my mothers name, and the word ‘VISITOR’ printed on both.

My mother puts on of the stickers in my hand. As she puts hers on, the lady goes to speak. “Your daughter is in room 44, on the second story in the left wing. If you need any help please go ask one of the other managers. Thank you for your time, and goodbye!” me and my mother walk away, my mother glances at me. Like I did something wrong again, she clears her throat. “S-sorry mom. I’ll put the sticker on, don’t worry! So do you know where the left wing is?”

I stick the sticker on my shirt, and my mother smiles at me doing so. She leads me to where the other small part of our family is waiting. Me and my mother do get lost every once and awhile. I start to talk aloud, disrupting my mother's concentration on where we are going. “My mother continues to look at the map that has bein plastic covered, and screwed to the wall. She looks at me with and angry face."

"I stop talking, making her look away.” my mother finally finds her way to my sisters room. I walk in and glanced over to my sister, laying on the hospital bed in front of me.

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