CHAPTER FIVE: breaking the fourth wall IN A HOSPITAL
CHAPTER FIVE: breaking the fourth wall IN A HOSPITAL hospital stories

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CHAPTER FIVE: breaking the fourth wall IN A HOSPITAL

“SISTER ARE YOU OK? WHAT HAPPENED?” I ran over to my sister and I hug my sister tightly, she coughs a bit. “I-i’m ok, Please d-don’t worry a-about me. I-I’ll make s-sure I c-come out a-alive” my sister's voice is weak and forced. She coughed again, my mother stroked my sisters hand. “Don’t worry sweetheart I will make sure I'll be here for you.”

my sister smiles at the both of us. I pull something small out of my pocket. A wind up music box, one that my sister always wanted when we were little. My sister smiles as I put the box on the nightstand. The soft song is heard throughout the room, only I can barely hear it. The voices in my head to hear the typing of one's hands overthrow my thoughts.

Then it stops every once and awhile throwing me back to my world, making small breaks between all the short sentences that thing makes.

My mother looks at me worried like I’ve been talking nonsense about the future again. I look at my mother with the same overly concerned face that she gave me. I open my mouth not a single sound comes out, but a week. My sister giggles at my mouth like sounds. “Son are you ok? It looks like you are drifting off into space. Like the time you drifted off into space then came back to us, and said ‘MAMA t-the HAMSTER i-it’s GOING t-to DIE OF A H-HEART ATTACK!’."

"Then two hours later the hamster died of a heart attack.” I look back at my mother with the most worried face. I ran over to the door, locking it and pressing myself against it with all my force. “JAMES WHAT THE EVER LIVING FUCK ARE YOU DOING!?! GET AWAY FROM THE DOOR!” a thing starts to ram itself against the door trying to get in.

“MOM! GRAB SISTER AND EXIT THROUGH THE WINDOW! NOW!” my mother looks at me with a face that says ‘you are so grounded’. “ARE YOU CRAZY SON! IF WE JUMP OUT WERE GOING TO FUKING DIE!” I give my mother an angry face. I put the hospital bed that my sister is still lying in against the door. I scoop my six year old sister up into my arms and jump out the window.

I imagine that there would be a trampoline at the bottom. There really is, a trampoline laying at the bottom of the fall. The trampoline cradles me and my sister. As the blood of my mother splatters all over the room. Some of my mother's blood falls out of the open window. Some pouring onto me and my sister, as my sister holds me as close as she can.

“H-hey sis are y-you ok? Mothers not going to come for us ok. She lost her life to protect us. Aright?” my sister looks at me with the most worried face ever.

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