The Color of Love
The Color of Love myheroacademia stories

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Villian Todoroki and Hero Midoriya. That's it. Anything else will spoil.

The Color of Love

"Izuku, do you know what the color of love is?" Todoroki asked. Midoriya furiously shook his head, as if speaking would kill him.

"You know, Shigaraki decided that the League wanted the #1 hero for some random shit. So they came to me.

" "Why Shoto? Why did you go through all that fake shit just to get me?" Midoriya asked spitefully. "I needed a different level of trust from you. UA was different.

I already had your trust after Hosu. Loving you was just another mask I had to put on. I was used to it, loved it actually. And then I realized, lying was too natural for me.

So I Shig if I could do my own thing to you," Todoroki smiled, "Luckily he obliged." Panic waved over Midoriya's face, "S-shoto, this isn't like you.

You were never like this! What did they do to you?" Light from a knife flashed, "Nothing. Everything was on my own accord. Touya asked me to join after graduation.

" The older male started to breathe faster, "Shoto, if this is to spite your father, there are other ways to do it. You don't have to kill me." "What if I want to hmm? Don't bother screaming.

Everyone's passed out. So what do you think the color of love is Izuku?" "Not you," Midoriya replied. "Mine's red. It was nice knowing you Midoriya Izuku," Todoroki smirked. "No, Shoto. No, NO!"

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