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through_my_eyes Just an average broken down Earthling
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Please take the time to read this free verse poem/short story, I believe we can all relate to feeling stranded, alone on our own island losing hope towards our future.

My Island

The sun is shining, birds are chirping, everyone goes about their business happily. With heads held high they take in the wonders of the world.

Everyone but you, that is,

For you, the sun is blocked,

You don’t hear birds chirping, it's more of a screech, a cry for help.

And these people... They pass by to a hum you can’t hear,

Their faces are hollowed into darkness, almost as though they have no face

Just like weeds, they reap all of the sun's glory shoving you to the side.

And so here you sit, on your dark island, wondering why life has turned a blind eye,

“Why” Huh, funny word,

It’s the only word you’ve known for the past life.

“Why, Am I not good enough to be like them?” “Why can’t I see the sun?” “Why is life so hard?” Why try? Why go on…? No, Should... I go on?”

The answer is abundantly clear,

The answer is abundantly clear, no

In one final glance of desperation, you see light shining onto other dark islands just like yours!

Giving them Life, Happiness, Hope... Other dark islands just like yours…

but not yours,

Through the tears, You will yourself, You will yourself to wait just a little bit longer, for the light to reach you.

Soon you can almost feel its warm embrace as it nears your dark island

But it stops,

A cold wind swells around your island as it starts to pour,

It’s been seven years now and it seems to be getting further and further away, Or is it that you... drifted away?


“Why hasn't the light made it here yet?” “Why does it go further away?” “Why does no one care?” “Did anyone care?”

N. O.

Hours turn into days, Days into months, Months into years, Your pleas not put to ears

The light is no longer visible. The dark clouds are weighing down on you

The pressure is too immense You slip, you bend to its will,

Your blade is surprisingly warm as it glides through your left wrist, (No image for obvious reasons)

The itchy rope around your neck grows tense as you fall limp to blood loss.

You really didn’t want to take any chances, did you?

Just when you thought it was all over, you opened your eyes,

Expecting to feel your soul rise,

But you didn’t feel your soul rise nor regret comprise,

Instead, You saw the sun’s light gently caress your island's bay

Your eyes filled with tears as you slowly went blind,

Your body tingled as you felt the brisk wind turn warm

Your mind finally at ease, subsides

You completed your journey,

You finally got to see the sun and feel its warmth

You no longer ask “why” You no longer ponder Only...

Requiescat in pace. (Rest in Peace)

To anyone who made it to the end. Thank you for reading, I know it was long but I hope you enjoyed it, please share for I do believe people should read this. Especially with rising concerns towards mental health during these dark times we live in. Wash your hands and stay safe!

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