A Fly By Night
A Fly By Night poem stories

thrags Serotonin from creative expression.
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Wrote this to contrast my always morbid side, so I wanted to make something to contrast it well. Hope you enjoy!

A Fly By Night

One unfathomable inhale She begins to dance with constalations Beneath a crescent moon Frolics and flirts At a quarter til two

Music flows throught the valley Ever suave and susurrous Encumbered with exuberance Hypnotic she sways Synced to the mystical tune

Locked between her velvet nose Eyes remaining entombed Under curtains enclosed For a moment unbarred Unlocks an entire cosmos

She feels exquisite the darkness With newly found felicity Liberated and free Graceful as a swan Now approaching a half past 3

Heaven would reveal An angelic type appeal Mentally I scream Still physically conceal

Waving around as ocean tide Observing I've become entranced Under a spell utterly memorized Desperately pleading for time to stop With a tick it then strikes 5 o'clock

Never more engulfed in awe What a marvelously breathtaking sight She was preposterously luminous More than the brightest starlight Twas the furthest thing away from a fly by night

Written by: Ajm Aka: Thrags [September 6, 2019]

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