Sixteenth Poem: Fail
Sixteenth Poem: Fail blmtoo stories

thougtfuldragon struggling to float, drowning w/o a boat
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Lmao I am so cringe XD

Sixteenth Poem: Fail

So this is a song I wrote when I was 13 years old, and it was supposed to be to the tune of Katy Perry's song Firework... but I wrote it while I was outside.

So... I didn't listen to the song while writing it. Because of this, it is definitely not to the tune of the song Firework.

I got the inspiration for this because I had heard of the case where Eric Garner got wrestled to the ground and choked by officers and the case where Trayvon Martin got shot and killed by an officer. Also, at the time there was word that Hillary Clinton might be running for president. (This was written three years ago lmao)

Original: Do you ever get the feeling that your not yourself? Do you ever feel like your someone else? You pretend your someone else just to fit in. Well, I'm hear to tell you, to bring out what's inside of you.

I know what you're thinking right now:

Yeah, me too. I need to roast myself real quick. First off, WTF WAS THAT?!?!? You mixed the first verse of the song with a completely different verse! Second off, WHAT IS THAT GRAMMAR???? IT'S NOT YOUR BISH IT'S YOU'RE!!



BUT!! I did just revise it a little bit and it is to the tune of Katy Perry's Firework now.

Do you ever get the feeling that you are not yourself, like you are someone else?

Do you ever feel like you're pretending just to fit in and you are changing?

Well I'm hear to say, there's no need to change you should just go and stay the same.

Do you know that there's still a chance for you?

You just have to bring out the feelings inside of you just show them all, what you've got inside of you!!

Here is the extended part that has no beat or anything bcuz it was supposed to be a rap but... no, just no:

Go over to em tell them "I'm just being me!" You don't know my story so you don't even know me.

You see me smile you see me frown, but you don't even know what I'm thinking inside.

You think you know me, got me all figured out, well I'm hear to inform you that you don't know squat!

Don't let others change what's inside of you, you're beautiful inside, a catch to the eye.

Show how you feel to the one's who care, be a true friend, 'cause it's a fight to the end.

Yeah there'll be fakers, but it's just life. The key is to tolerate them not kill em with a knife or just ending a life.

Shooting will kill, not settle a fight.

We won't always agree, but it still ain't right.

Stop the shootings, the beatings, tortures, and all the rapes too.

~Pause~ "I can't breathe, I can't breathe! An officer's choking me!" ~Resume~

I'm walking down the street, wearing a hoodie, but I get shot and killed, for walking.

Everyone gets to talking, but no justice is served. (Remember, this was years ago when I wrote this!)

Hillary may run for President, wait, a woman? That, I confess, will be interesting.

I hope that she knows that we should fight for justice and not start wars.

Because the worst battle in the world, is the one we have with ourselves.

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