First Poem: Why Me?
First Poem: Why Me? standinguptobullies stories

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First Poem: Why Me?

Why me?
 Why am I one of the victims of it? Why are there so many victims? Can there be no peace?

Why us?  Is there nothing better to do, than to bother those who have no clue,  as to what they did to you?

Why? Why say those things? Why poke fun? Why make others feel insecure?

Do you think I am upset? That I care of your thoughts? No, you misunderstood, I do not need your input of me, I know me, but do you know you?

How can you walk around, treating people badly, making people cry?

How can you bully others, people who have sisters and brothers, whom love them so?

What do you expect of me? Slit wrists? A roped throat? An overdose of a drug, a drug worse than life?

Why me? Why do you think those things? No, I will not slit my throat, nor overdose a drug. I will not harm myself because of you. I stand firm and tall, with no thoughts of you.

I will set fire to fire, I will chill you with my gaze. I will try my hardest, no, DO what I set out to do.

Then when it is all said and done, I will surely have won. They will remember my name, even if only for a day. But that will be the day, all of us changed the game.

You pick on the innocents, you hurt the guilty, what is it you wish to accomplish?

Find yourself, then come talk to me. If you cannot, then stay away from me. It is not a threat, just a warning.

You do not know what I can do, what I am capable of. I will stand and oppose you, only you, and figure out why me?

Why us?

I may be one, but I stand tall. I will fight for those who can't- won't fight for themselves. We all just want to know, why me?

I will be me, genuine and unique. They will be them, beautiful in every way. Why? Because we love us. And when it is all said and done, surely we will be the ones who won.

But until then, I will ask you again, Why me?

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