brown pt. 2

                                            brown pt. 2 prose stories

thougtfuldragon struggling to float, drowning w/o a boat
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descriptions adapted from my 156th poem: 'my skin' in my 2nd prose book, ‘mind’, on wattpad.

describing the color brown: an explorative study.

brown pt. 2

my skin is like the wood finish of a boat, or a stunning, mahogany finished, handmade bookshelf

the color of a paper bag, but the texture of a freshly-shed snake

my skin has delightfully the vibrance drawn of a star

but the baby's texture cheek, of a

it's the color of a weeping willow tree's bark, or a protective and strong mother bear,

skin rich with melanin, an espresso that could never be matched,

a queen-like ebony, a caramel brown, hazel, like the flecks of some of our eyes,

a rich, permanent tan, dark like the closing of one's eyes, 

dark like the black void you disappear into when looking at the one you love's eyes,

dark like the freshly painted Cadillac, dark like your favorite team shirt,

dark like the night skies our ancestors ran under, reflecting our faith back unto us,

brown sugar, but that's so overplayed, 

a true shea butter baby, laced with cocoa butter, 

yet dark,

the darkness of a million souls

adorned in the beauty of their arts and traditions,

a glowing complexion that the

sun kisses and hugs with all its might-

my skin.

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