body aches and pains

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thougtfuldragon struggling to float, drowning w/o a boat
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i am tired.

phone note from 7:43am EDT on 6/16/20.

body aches and pains

i'm sore- i had a long day of hard work

i've been putting in labor with no time for other work

i got a lot done, but i can't even enjoy it

don't feel accomplished

don't feel accomplished, just tired

the next morning i wake with body aches & pains

it's early, i'm exhausted, my dog's happily snoring

a long day of hard work, but i've been doing that for days

it's never enough, i can't even say that it pays

i have another one ahead of me,

i have another one ahead of me, i'm up and i don't feel free,

i don't feel excitement, but it's a brand new day, just

another day to waste my life away,

work, work, work, no play.

body aches and pains

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