Victim abused stories
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thot_jimin Community member
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I feel numb, But I feel everything.

Had to write out my feelings about a childhood trauma I still have trouble with.


I feel numb,

But I feel everything.

I feel pain,

But I feel nothing.

No one told me,

It would be like this.

They said "Smile for the camera."

But didn't check in.

This world takes from me,

More than it ever gives.

In today's world,

Being a child is a sin.

Messed up interactions,

Shaped the 'me' today.

Preyed on as a kid,

Gave me demons I now must slay.

False pity,

Hurts more than people realize.

You should have just left me,

Trapped in my own mind.

They didn't talk about the depression,

Or the low self worth and esteem.

Or being suicidal, destroying friendships you could keep.

I didn't hear a sorry,

Or saw guilt for their sins.

All I got was NOTHING.

That's when I realized,

I was just another VICTIM.

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