The Glitch — Into The Game (Part 1)
The Glitch — Into The Game 
(Part 1) powers stories

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Four friends have created an epic invention — a portal. But as soon as they leave it alone, something goes wrong with it.
This is my first story, please read and leave a comment!

The Glitch — Into The Game (Part 1)


"Can you help me with this one?"

Andy was a bit confused as to how the line of code worked. James explained it to him.


Miles then came into the room. "I see that you're improving! Nice teamwork."

Thomas stepped in after Miles. They both reviewed the code three times, looking keenly for any errors in the code.

Thomas took a deep breath.

"Well??" James and Andy asked, growing impatient.

"It's finally finished!" Thomas exclaimed before hugging James and Andy. Miles simply squealed in joy.

They had finally completed their big project of building a portal to parallel universes....can you imagine that?

“Well, I’d like to celebrate, but I’m exhausted.” Andy said, yawning.

“Me too,” James said, stretching his arms. “Yup, us too. It was surprisingly difficult to fix that one little power converter.” Miles said sleepily.

“Well, goodnight, everyone.” Thomas said, waving to them. He walked out of the room, heading towards his bedroom. “G’night,” James and Andy said, then headed to their rooms too.

Miles smiled and whispered to himself, “We did it.” Then, he walked slowly to his room.

What they didn’t expect was the portal to automatically activate...and suddenly, a huge burst of energy was released from it. It awoke the four friends.

They came rushing into the room. “What was that?!” James exclaimed. There was red fog everywhere. Suddenly, his body began to pixelate.

“Oh me!!” James said, beginning to panic. His friends tried to pull him back, but his body had already been fully pixelated. The pixels were sucked into the newly formed sphere.

“James...” Andy said, holding one of the pixels. “We have to go in.” “What??” Thomas said. “We don’t know where that goes to or even if it goes anywhere!”

“Well, we have to try!” Andy shouted. “He’s right.” Miles backed him up. “We must find him.” Thomas sighed and nodded. “Okay then. Are we ready?”

They nodded.

“Alright then...I guess I’m going first.” Thomas hesitantly took a step forward. He took another, then another. He reached out toward the glowing sphere. As soon as his hand touched it, he also was pixelated, the pixels flying into it.

Then, Miles went in, and lastly, Andy. Now, all of them were wherever the sphere took them, and it closed after them. All that remained was a pixel, glowing and humming with energy.

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